Mullah, Nasrudin Hoja appears as the whimsical character in a growing tradition of stories. Shah published four books of tales of the Mulla Nasrudin. Post navigation. He heard tell of a wise man in Nepal: he journeyed there, but as he was climbing the mountain to meet him, his donkey died of … Sufi geschichten nasrudin. Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey. One day, Nasrudin slipped and nearly fell into a lake, but was caught by a friend walking next to him.

When you arrive at the sea, you Do not talk of the tributary. The name that every Afghan remembers hearing about in childhood. Some mystic traditions use jokes, stories and poetry to express certain ideas, allowing the bypassing of the normal discriminative thought patterns. Here are some of my favorite Sufi stories: The Fruit of Heaven. He saddled his donkey, went to India, China and Mongolia, talked to the great masters, but found nothing. Just click on any of the stories below to read it. Scholars, against whose pedantry in his stories Nasrudin frequently emerges triumphant, have even tried to take his Subtleties to pieces in the hope of finding appropriate biographical material. The incident is an ancient Persian Sufi tale (Sufism is a spiritual practice within Islam) which has been attributed to many notable spiritual masters, including Guru Nanak of the Sikh tradition of the Punjab Province of India. They are told and retold endlessly in the teahouses and caravanserais of Asia and can be heard in homes and on the radio. Sufi Stories. The Chishti pir then went on by describing the following dream event: “I saw your hand immersed in a jar of honey, while my hand was immersed in the latrine”. Mullah, Nasrudin Hoja appears as the whimsical character in a growing tradition of stories.

One of the ‘discoveries’ would have warmed the heart of Nasrudin himself.

The World of Nasrudin is the fourth book in the corpus written by Idries Shah, and is the last to be published by the celebrated Afghan author. Mullah Nasruddin.

Here is few of the thousands of humurous and thoughtful stories about Him. Mullah, Nasrudin Hoja appears as the whimsical character in a growing tradition of stories. S ufi Masters have been using short stories to teach people important life lessons. Read the full story

From then on, every time Nasrudin encountered the friend, the latter was sure to … The wisdom of Sufism is unbounded. The wisdom of Sufism is unbounded. Mullah Nasruddin Stories - Browse through and read from our huge collection of short and interesting spiritual stories about the ancient Persian folk character Mullah Nasruddin. The Dream. Nasrudin stories. 10 Sufi Stories. Farmer Digging Well..!!

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