Gibbs’s reflective model is an appropriate model that I will use since it is recommended by many of the nursing students (Sekarwinahyu et al.

Gibbs’ reflective cycle (1988) is a model popularly used for the reflection of nursing practice. Student Nurse Journey takes no responsibility for information contained on external links from this website.

It may be appropriate for the student nurse to observe interventions prior to attempting to complete them themselves. Clinical Placement Reflection 1. Introduction This is a reflective essay based on an episode of care that I was directly involved in managing during a community placement. In order to help me with my reflection I have chosen Gibbs (1988), as the model to help guide my reflective process. In this situation, I was acting as a nurse while I selected one of my classmates to present a patient, therefore performing our medication in class. Medication administration is one of the many areas in nursing where critical thinking is needed. 71) Nurses can either have to take a refresher course, be suspended, or counseled by the nursing board. This model of reflection is a type of formal reflection, which draws on research and puts forward a theory as to how most effectively put into practice to process of reflection. Medication administration and final year nursing students Kerry Reid-Searl Central Queensland University Lorna Moxham Central Queensland University, Sandra Walker Central Queensland University Research Online is the open access institutional repository for the University of Wollongong. Kapborg, I. As a student nurse, I should be especially careful when administering medications and always have my instructor present. Background: The thought processes of student nurses during medication administration relative to prevention of patient harm or errors or promoting therapeutic responses are not well known. (1999) The nurse’s role in drug handling within municipal health and medical care.

Download file to see previous pages Patient safety is a crucial part of patient care. I had never given this dose before and measured 4 tabs from the 0.25 mg bottle.

Student Focus - Reflection - With experience comes confidence.

Student reflects on placement with district nursing team. protocols relevant to the administration of medication.The Medicines Acts 1968 and various amendments cover the legal management of medication.While care staffs are not expected to have detailed knowledge of the legislation, they do need to be aware of the legal difference between types of drugs and the legal framework that allows them … Reflection is the process of making sense of an experience in order to learn and improve as a practitioner. incident took place at a local Hospital during my thirty weeks placement.

Reflection On Medication Administration Student.

Their are many demanding professional adjustments when transitioning from student nurse to graduate nurse and the use of refection during this time is said to be a very important tool in guiding the learning process especially in the transition of a student nurse into a graduated registered nurse. In This Assignment, It Is Required From The Author To Provide 1593 Words | 7 Pages. Reflection On Medication Administration Student. 22 pp. He had a history of atrial fibrillation, coronary artery disease, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, Type II diabetes, renal insufficiency and a high PSA. In giving medications, I need to be on top of the situation. Student Nurses may perform under direct supervision of Registered Nurse (at the discretion of and negotiation with the preceptor) Student nurses should be directly supervised for all invasive procedures/nursing interventions. Reflection medication administration 1.

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