Budget in Brief.

How to Read the 2019-21 Executive Budget.

Operating Budget - Volume I (Part C) (PDF Format 1,250 KB) Postsecondary Education.

Illinois Office of Management & Budget. Operating Budget (pdf) Capital Budget (pdf) Budget in Brief (pdf) Operating Budget Data Files Description (pdf) Operating Budget Detail (xls) Operating Budgeting for Results Detail (xls) Performance Measures Detail (xls) Capital Projects List (xls)

Gavin Newsom released his updated state budget proposal this week for the fiscal year 2020-21. 2019-21 Executive Budget (Complete Document) The Budget Bill. Department of Veterans' Affairs 04A. Physical Address Court Plaza Building 240 Main St. Suite 802 Juneau, AK 99801. Building Budgets. State Treasurer 04E. Meanwhile, the overwhelming majority of funds in the state budget continues to be devoted to personnel expenses. While the Governor’s January proposal provided billions in new revenues and health care spending, the revised proposal reflects an economy battered by the fallout from COVID-19, and sets the state for a month-long fight over program priorities in the Legislature and with the Newsom Administration. Disappointingly, however, a lengthy list of “pork” projects has found its way into the budget proposal, along with a rapid expansion of corporate welfare to Hollywood production studios.

About the Budget Documents. HB30 Patron: Torian Bill History; Introduced (Governor's proposed budget - 12/17/2019): PDF: Enrolled (Includes General Assembly amendments - 03/31/2020): PDF Every year the Governor must submit a budget proposal outlining the anticipated income and expenses for the year to follow.

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Public Protection. Justice and Public Safety. On February 28, 2019, Governor Evers delivered his budget address. Please see Proposal Narrative Guidelines in Section 2F below for more details.

Fiscal Year 2021 Proposed Budget. 2020 - 2022 Biennium. Lieutenant Governor 04D. Building Budgets. Operating Budget - Volume I (Part D) (PDF Format 1,092 KB) Tourism, Arts and Heritage. The 2020-21 Governor’s Budget proposes spending of $222.2 billion in total state funds, consisting of approximately $153 billion from the General Fund, $63.8 billion from special funds, and $5.4 billion from bond funds. Gov. That is why this budget is rooted in over $1.1 billion in real and sustainable savings -- including nearly $800 million in public employee health benefit cost savings and another $200 million-plus in departmental savings. Capital Budget - Volume II (PDF Format 8,428 KB) Comparison of Existing Budget to Total Recommended: Performance Information: Supporting Document by Department 01. Statewide Budget and Position Summaries. Finance and Administration. Secretary of State Revised (03/07/2019) 04B.

Individual Agencies. Health and Family Services.

The New York State Legislature’s review of the 2020 Executive Budget is underway. Aging & Long Term Care, Board on.

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