If you do need two or more flashbacks, intersperse strong present-story-time scenes among them. It's a starting point, on which everything flows from. It's becoming repetitive, and for the story idea I have now, it would be best for the audience to not know the details of the flashback/prologue until later in the story. Flashbacks are some of the most difficult scenes to write. by J. Camille (South Carolina) Question: I enjoy writing, but I usually tend to start all of my stories with a Flashback/Prologue. Orient us at the start of the flashback in time and space. Giant Flashbacks In Writing. I can’t finish this article without pointing out that, sometimes, almost an entire novel can take the form of one huge flashback.

From this opening chapter the rest of the story goes on several months or years ahead, but it doesn't mess with the chronology of the tale, the way flashbacks can do if done badly when placed in the middle of a story. The reader will likely become either confused or irritated, wondering when you're going to actually get on with your main story. Writing flashbacks is an important skill to master if your novel cuts across time periods or strongly features characters’ memories. When you start a story with a flashback, or prologue, it doesn't 'feel' or read like a flashback. They exist because they must, because there is no better way to reveal the information on which the story hinges. Don't go immediately from one flashback into an even earlier one. Starting Stories With Flashbacks/Prologues. If a novel begins with a man awaiting execution, for example, and ends with his death a short while later, the bulk of the novel … Know why your story needs a flashback But like the When effective, flashback scenes relay vital backstory that cuts straight to the emotional core of a narrative. Here are 7 key steps for how to write a flashback scene: 1.

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