Preheat oven to 275 degrees. Microwave for 30 seconds. In the microwave: Line a microwave-safe plate with paper towel.

Tortillas can be stored for 2-3 days in the fridge in a plastic zip-top bag; before using, wrap tortillas in slightly damp paper towel and microwave for 15-30 seconds. Put the flat sides of the cut soft shells against the sides of the dish, overlapping the round sides in the middle with the bean sides UP.

Cut the taco shells in half so they will go into a 6X9 glass baking dish. You don't have to worry about your taco falling over when you use Old El Paso Stand 'n Stuff taco shells. Want to layer ground beef, taco shells, refried beans and cheese in some kind of dish and bake it for dinner. Place in the oven for three to five minutes, or until crisp. Serve immediately or allow to cool for later use. Place the stale tortilla chips on the paper towel and heat on high power for 15 seconds. Be gentle when inserting the … If still not crisp, repeat in 10 second increments until done. Once the first layer of soft taco shells is on the bottom of your dish, put a thin layer of the hamburger meat over this layer. But store-bought taco shells get stale too quickly, and, more often than not, they're broken when you finally rip open the package. Stack the 3 tortillas on top of each other ( you can stack up to 5 tortillas) Cover the top with the second moist paper towels.

If you use crunchy corn taco shells, such as Old ElPaso or Ortega to make tacos at home, the instructions will tell you to heat them in the oven for around five minutes.This is done to crisp and freshen them up. Re: Why are hard taco shells always stale when you go to use them? Stir the refried beans, tomato sauce, and seasoning into the browned beef. Place the first moist paper towel on a cutting board. Spread the stale tortilla chips on a single layer on a baking sheet.

Lay your taco shells down on the baking sheet as you normally would and insert a small, loosely balled up piece of aluminum foil inside each shell, making sure it’s wedged in there just enough to keep the shell propped open.

Take both paper towels and moisten them.

Probably asking the wrong crowd but any tips for getting hard taco shells not to crumble apart the minute we bite into... Was going to make turkey soft tacos for dinner tonight.

2–3 Tbsp homemade taco seasoning (or 1 packet store-bought taco seasoning) 1–2 cups shredded cheese; 15-20 hard taco shells; Salsa, sour cream, and other taco toppings (optional) Directions: Brown the ground beef, then drain off any fat.

Remove them from the microwave and discard the paper towels. So, you lay them on a baking sheet, heat them up, and to your dismay, you pull them out five minutes later that the shells have closed up so that you can’t get the filling inside! Thanks to this clever hack, you can make your own crunchy taco shells … Don't despair and resign yourself to nachos instead of tacos.

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