The Bot Framework now supports speech as a method of interacting with the bot across Webchat, the DirectLine channel, and Cortana. Speech recognition priming improves the recognition accuracy for the utterances and entities defined in your LUIS app for this bot. Full-integrated experience simplifying Language Understanding in conversational AI systems. Viewed 161 times 1. Configure speech priming. I am trying to use Bing's speech API within the Bot Framework (I am familiarizing myself with both of these technologies). Some posts ago I wrote about the Microsoft Bot Framework, giving some useful links.Among others, there were the following, related to bots examples with Cortana, speech recognition and synthesis … there are not so many references online:. Posted on May 10, 2018 . Build a speech-enabled bot with Cortana skills In this article we’ll go over the new capabilities, speech recognition priming using LUIS, and a new NuGet package we’ve released which supports speech recognition and synthesis on the DirectLine channel. This information is used to improve speech recognition when you speak to this bot and uses the Cognitive Speech apis for speech recognition. 12/13/2017; 2 minutes to read ; In this article. For speech-enabled bots that use the Web Chat and Cortana channels, speech priming uses examples specified in Language Understanding (LUIS) apps to improve speech recognition accuracy for important words. Specifically, I am trying to use the DataClientWithIntent that it supports. Hi, the document says "Priming is not supported from non U.S. regional LUIS apps including: and" - is that a permanent restriction or will it be opened to etc soon? Bing Speech API and bots Frameworks. Ask Question Asked 2 years, 8 months ago. Check the new LUIS app you created for this bot and hit save. Nayer Wanas Principle RSDE Manager, Microsoft Research. Speech priming improves the recognition of spoken words and phrases that are commonly used in your bot. Creating an advanced conversational system is now a simple task with the powerful tools integrated into Microsoft’s Language Understanding Service (LUIS) and Bot Framework.

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