In this #EkNayiShuruwat series, you will get to know the tips by Simerjeet Singh on patience. Patience is, therefore, clearly not fatalistic, shoulder-shrugging resignation. All things are difficult before they become easy. To shape your talents and inborn abilities into real achievements, you must have patience. Here are a few reasons emphasizing the Importance of Patience in life: Patience Shapes a Talent into Achievement.

It is the acceptance of a divine rhythm to life; it is obedience prolonged. Having patience is one of the great quality. In fact, patience is a virtue that everybody must possess. “Patience is a virtue”, “patience is not the sign of no action”, “patience gives you the ability to convince.” Good morning respected teachers and fellow students, today I got the golden opportunity to stand in front of and give a speech on patience.. Speech on Patience The very thought of being caught in a traffic jam, being stuck for hours is bound to cause you to scream out in frustration; many of us experience the same frustration or degrees of the same anger, for we all tend to get a bit impatient at times. Patience is never condescending or … Patience makes us better people.

Patience is the key to success, Have patience.

Patience stoutly resists pulling up the daisies to see how the roots are doing.

This is 21 st century going on and everyone expects to get things instant and fast.

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