Space Race Facts for kids: President Kennedy's Challenge (1961) The USA, angry and embarrassed at being behind in the Space Race were determined to win the race to the moon. It was called Sputnik 1. Often, two first world countries are involved in a space race.

First human on the Moon and first space launch from a celestial body (by NASA) - Commander Neil Armstrong and Pilot Buzz Aldrin. The Space Race begins 1955 - 1975.

1990s - A New Name. On May 25, 1961, President John F. Kennedy went to Congress and announced that he wanted to be the first country to put a … This began the Space Race. The Soviet Union makes history by sending the first satellite into space, which orbited Earth. As specialist retailers of space toys, space dressing up and other fun space stuff, we love everything about space exploration. The space race came to be when the United States of America and Soviet Union entered a Cold War after World War II. The Space Race was a competition between the US and the Soviet Union to be the first country to go into space. After the fall of Nazi Germany at the end of World War II, the United States and the Soviet Union emerged as superpowers, each striving for primacy on a global scale. This was Americas reaction and answer to Sputnik. The Explorer 1 mission reamained in orbit for about 12, to 1970. It was the first (US designed) rocket that reached the edge of space. Spuntik 1 1957.

The beginning of the Space Race between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. ; October 24 th 1946 ­– A captured V-2 rocket in US is launched to 105 km (65 miles) and records the first pictures from space. Being first often is a huge deal for siblings. This is a timeline of first achievements in spaceflight from the first intercontinental ballistic missile through the first multinational human-crewed mission—spanning the era of the Space Race.On July 31, 1956, the United States announced its intention to launch an artificial satellite during the International Geophysical Year (July 1, 1957 to December 31, 1958).

1975 - The Apollo-Soyuz Test Project became the first multinational manned space mission. Throughout the 1960s, the two countries were involved in the “Cold War”, a conflict where they didn’t go into battle but fought each other indirectly through spying, backing opposite sides in other countries’ wars, and inventing better technologies. Sputnik I The launching of Sputnik I by the Soviet Union began the "space war" with the United States. Chronology of Space Exploration archive of important space exploration missions and events, including future planned and proposed endeavors; Manned spaceflight 1961-1980; Manned spaceflight chronology; History of manned space missions; Timeline of the Space Race/Moon Race; Chronology: Moon Race at; Space Timeline in 3d This effectively brought the Space Race … In 1957, Russia sent Sputnik, the first artificial satellite, into space. Astronauts John Young and Bob Crippen opened a highway to space traveled by shuttle crews for more than 30 years.

June 20 th 1944 – A V-2 Rocket launched by Nazi Germany during World War II is the first man-made object to go beyond 100 km – the Kármán line – and reach space! This satelite detected the Van Allen Belts of radiation that surround the Earth. 1973 - The United States launched its fist space station called Skylab. Space Race Time Line. The Space Race was a competition of space exploration between the Soviet Union and the United States, which lasted from 1957 to 1969.It had to do with the efforts to explore outer space with artificial satellites, to send humans into space, and to land them on the Moon.. Here is a list of the most important events in space history. The Space Race.

A major technological achievement, it spurred a decade-long competition between the Soviet Union and the United States to be the first to explore outer space. Create a Timeline Now; Space race. A space race is when two countries compete to be the first and best in space exploration. 1973 - The Pioneer 10 became the first space craft to flyby the planet Jupiter.

Print; Events. The space race was a series of competitive technology demonstrations between the United States and the Soviet Union, aiming to show superiority in spaceflight. A new era in spaceflight began with the April 12, 1981 liftoff of the space shuttle Columbia. A timeline created with Timetoast's interactive timeline ... Oct 4, 1957. Space Exploration In The 1940’s!. The race for Space really began when the USSR launched Sputnik I, the first artificial satellite, into a low elliptical orbit around the Earth. On July 20, 1969, the United States has beat the Soviet Union in the space race. For many years, the USA and USSR were in a race to conquer space. If you have any queries or think something is missing, please email us at

The first pictures of the Earth were taken from an altitude of 105 km.

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