Dateline NBC is going to do a special on Cartman's Tourette's.

Chris Hansen won't let Cartman get out of being on Dateline. Season 11. Our queue is available only to registered users. From Season 11 Episode 08, Le Petit Tourette. Pedophile Panic - Video Clip | South Park Studios. Craig and Thomas become friends. From Season 11 Episode 08, Le Petit Tourette. Please Login or Register in order to use this feature. Dateline Commercial - Video Clip | South Park Studios Nordics. Cartman tries to get out of appearing on Dateline. Kyle's plan to stop the taping of Dateline, by having pedophiles show up and kill themselves, is a success. Cartman Takes a Seat - Video Clip | South Park Studios. Loading... Full Episodes; Wiki; Blog; Avatar; Games ; Forum; Schedule; More Episodes; Clips; Collections; Stranger Sign in, buddy. Loading... Powered by . From Season 11 Episode 08, Le Petit Tourette. Chris Hansen sits him down, and explains how fatal that could be. 0. please login or register. Dateline stops as scores of pedophiles kill themselves in the studio. Loading... Powered by .

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