WASHINGTON – With Attorney General Eric Holder personally overseeing the … Conversely, a strong education can act as the bejeweled key that opens gates through every other aspect of inequality, whether political, economic, racial, judicial, gender- or health-based. One recent study shows a baby bond program has the potential to reduce the current black-white wealth divide by more than tenfold. One of the best ways to unify a divided nation is to establish fair and equitable educational opportunities for every child. His current writing and research concerns issues of academic content in K-12 schooling including the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, assessment theory and the effects of curriculum on academic achievement. 5.

WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND. One solution may be to increase affordable housing in affluent communities, providing some low-income families with access to better school districts.

IMMEDIATE RELEASE 27 August 2014. A recent report from the Southern Education Foundation revealed that the number of low-income students in our public schools has increased at an alarming rate and these income disparities are only widening. (Dewey, 2009). Today’s Events in Historical Perspective .

Although the problem of educational inequality has been a round for a long time, there are still measures we can take as a community and as a society to fix the problems in the education system. • Lack of access to highly qualified, credentialed, experienced teachers. He has co-authored ten books including Why Schools Matter, Teacher Education Matters, and Inequality for All. For instance, a recent article in The Economist suggests that the solution is incentive schemes to get Black people to “work harder” and “take education more seriously.” Cash incentives for Black pupils might provide a counterforce to the “cool to be dumb” culture. THE COLOR LINE IN AMERICAN EDUCATION RACE, RESOURCES, AND STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT LINDA DARLING-HAMMOND (2004) • Review article that examines all the educational disparities, analyzes them in relation to race & proposes educational reforms to equalize education. These funds can be used when the child reaches adulthood for education, to purchase a home, or to start a business. 2013 Ann Curry-Stevens, Director Center to Advance Racial Equity 6/25/2013 . A solution to racial inequality - August 27, 2014 September 13, 2014 - Douglas Cohn & Eleanor Clift. Second, when racial inequality in the United States is acknowledged the proposed causes and solutions are individualistic and market-based. Because of the long-time structure of the United States system, that isn’t happening in every community today. Tackling Racial Inequality in Education. In a nation plagued by racial profiling, a digital divide, disenfranchised national elections and unjust, discriminatory drug laws, there is no democracy or melting pot (racial harmony). SEPARATE AND UNEQUAL • Unequal access to educational resources and opportunities for students of color and low-income students. America’s Longest-Running Column, Founded 1932.

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