Employees, 2.

Shareholders, 6. 4. 2 Corporate Social Responsibility 3 But suppliers are part of the business. It is also the responsibility of the business world to cooperate and honest about the issues that affect public welfare. conduct for both suppliers and business partners, and where possible makes compliance with these codes a contractual obligation. It runs procurement through a central organisational unit responsible for purchasing, which is intended to ensure the best possible conditions of purchase of … Business depends on society for inputs like money, men, and skills and also for market where products have to be sold to the customers.

Actually we cant use the term social responsibility in this context, because social responsibility of the company is showed towards the public and government.

Hence, the business has specific responsibilities for the local community and place, where the business is performed. Some of the drivers pushing business towards CSR include: 1.

Suppliers play a major role in your business and nurturing good relationships is key to your success. Consumers, 4. The responsibility of business towards the society Corporate Social Responsibility 4. All those who participate in someway in the activities of organization is called stakeholder of a business 6. Das sieht auch die Europäische Union so und hat 2017 gesetzlich vorgeschrieben, dass Unternehmen ihre sozialen Verpflichtungen erfüllen und einen positiven Beitrag leisten müssen – zum Wohle der Gesellschaft, Belegschaft und Umwelt.Hier erfahren Sie mehr! The business depends on […] The Supplier agrees to work towards preventing situations of complicity They are incorporated not only into the Group’s long-term targets, but also into its operating activities. iii) Giving good return to the investors by providing ____ goods at high price to consumers is not fulfilling social responsibility.

Owners, 3.

Return on their investment 2. Government, 5.


Social responsibility is a theory that asserts that businesses, in addition to maximizing shareholder value, have an obligation to act in a manner that benefits society. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ist mehr als eine ethische oder moralische Frage. Notes on Social responsibility of a business,social obligations of a business, social responsibilities towards different sectors in the society and factors

1.Shareholders 2.Workers 3.Customers 4.creditors,suppliers STAKEHOLDERS 5.Government 6.Society/Environment 5. REVISED MAY 21 PAGE 52 SUPPORT & RESPECT THE PROTECTION OF INTERNATIONALLY-PROCLAIMED HUMAN RIGHTS The Supplier respects human rights in all the countries in which it operates, including in geographical areas where human rights are not yet sufficiently protected.

(vi) Responsibility towards competitors The responsibilities of business towards its competitors are not to : a. offer exceptionally high sales commission to distributers, agents etc; b. offer to customers heavy discounts and /or free products in every sale; and c. defame competitors through false or … The social responsibilities of an entrepreneur or organization institution may be spelled out, as follows, to facilitate the study. So, The social responsibility of entrepreneur towards suppliers, creditors, and depositors are different and important for any business organization growth.

Depending on the nature of your business, your supply chain may be quite complex and include not only those suppliers that you deal with every day, but also those that supply your suppliers and with whom you may not have a direct relationship. Social responsibility is a voluntary effort on the division of the business to take a variety of steps to satisfy the expectation of the dissimilar interest groups.

You might disagree with Milton Friedman’s famous claim that the sole social responsibility of business is to increase its profits. CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY — SUPPLIER PRINCIPLES. Responsibility towards Suppliers and Business Partners Slovak Telekom is one of the largest customers of goods and services in Slovakia.

Dealing ethically with suppliers.

The shrinking role of government. as a supplier to our business associates, as a workplace for our employees, and as part of society in general, where we wish exercise the social responsibility we share with others. Shrinking government resources, coupled with a distrust of regulations, has led to the exploration of voluntary and non-regulatory initiatives instead. But the question arises, why the business should come forward and be liable towards these interest groups.

ADVERTISEMENTS: Major responsibility of business towards different sections of society are as : 1.

Sustainability and social responsibility are core elements of Komax’s corporate strategy. 1.

social responsibility of entrepreneurs towards society & local community. But you can’t deny that it sounds simple and straightforward. Business Studies 40 ii) Social responsibility of business refers to all such duties and _____ of business that are directed towards the welfare of society.

REVISED MAY 21 PAGE 52 ... protected.

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