This service to others will require a commitment to serve without the potential of immediate recognition or reward. Shepherd leadership comes from our heart.

If you are going to be a shepherd leader, you need to be people-oriented. That’s the definition of leadership.

People are Led by Leaders and Cared for by Shepherds People follow leaders because the very essence of a leader is to lead. Shepherding is an analogy that Jesus used along with various writers of the New Testament to describe to an agrarian culture what spiritual leadership looks and acts like. Jim Taylor, PhD writes about the leadership mindset in Psychology Today, I define mindset as the attitudes, beliefs, and expectations you hold that act as the foundation of who you are, how you lead, and the ways in which you interact with your team. As Dr. Artika Tyner, a distinguished professor of public policy and leadership, wrote, “The heart of … Shepherd definition is - a person who tends sheep. Shepherd leadership is a matter of selfless service to subordinates. An organization, any organization, needs people who aren’t just willing to follow, but are eager to follow. Shepherd leadership will require, at times, gently leading those in their charge, mentoring and sometimes teaching them along the way. It is a genuine desire to serve others. Initiating is difficult, but it’s what leaders do. Even when performing maintenance, it is for the sake of the sheep. When we lead through service for one another, we reveal our heart. While shepherds might have to repair a wall or gate at times, their primary responsibility is to tend to the flock. Shepherding is the church leader's job description, how one is to serve as an elder.

Managers react and leaders lead. How to use shepherd in a sentence. The definition of leadership is applied influence. Leading someone to give up one worldview and begin embracing yours isn’t easy, and it’s not always comfortable.

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