The purpose of this article is to enhance the conceptual coherence of the notion of a self-initiated expatriate (SIE). Self-concept is the construct that negotiates these two selves.

SELF-OBJECT. Self-Efficacy in Education. The term self-efficacy refers to an individual's confidence in their ability to complete a task or achieve a goal. The concept was originally developed by Albert Bandura. Today, psychologists contend that our sense of self-efficacy can influence whether we actually succeed at a task. Self-control is a hot topic across disciplines. Image Courtesy of Wikimedia.

Again, self-definition has its roots in an old liberal notion of our right to express our free individuality. As such, consensus on defining self-control is critical for advancing both scientific progress as well as societal impact of research findings.

The term self-object refers to any narcissistic experience in which the other is in the service of the self, the latter being defined as a structure that accounts for the experience of continuity, coherence, and well-being. There are many people in academia, and many gay theorists, who do indeed argue that the new reproductive technologies will and should offer something like a lifestyle choice or means to self-definition , beyond all conventional limits to our human bodies. The latter should be evaluated as signals about reality - a means to self-regulation, rather than an end in themselves. Self-efficacy has probably been most studied within the context of the classroom. It is a source of narcissistic feeling. Self-regulation is more attainable when focused on values rather than feelings.

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