Thankfully, there are a number of conservation efforts put forth to help keep the sea otter population alive and well! Be sea otter savvy by viewing sea otters from a safe distance and watching out for otters crossing roads.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium's Sea Otter Program has been studying the endangered southern sea otter since 1984. Through the collaborative efforts of the U.S. Without a keystone species, the ecosystem would be dramatically different or cease to exist altogether. During this time, we’ve seen sea otter populations grow — then stagnate. Current Threats to Sea Otters 4) FISHERIES INTERACTIONS: Gill and trammel nets have been known to be very deadly to sea otters that get tangled in the thin monofilament lines and drown. A keystone species is a plant or animal that plays a crucial role in the way an ecosystem functions. Fish and Wildlife Service, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Friends of the Sea Otter, and, the concept of this new, outreach-based program, Sea Otter Savvy, was developed.

Abstract Introduction All Otters are known to use vocals to communicate. There are many threats posed on sea otters including oil spills, hunting, habitat destruction, pollution, diseases, and drowning.

The threats abound to sea otters who happen to be a keystone species. Our goal is to understand the threats to the population, then use that knowledge to promote the species’ recovery. 20 Threats to Sea Otter – Solutions by Stephanie November 11, 2017 Sea otter is one of many animals that live in the coast of eastern and northern North Pacific Ocean. If you live in California, donate to the California Sea Otter Fund when you file your taxes. Here’s what our researchers have found to be the greatest threats to sea otters today. Live fish traps and purse seines may also pose a threat of incidental drownings for sea otters.

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