Creative writing can be separated in sub-disciplines like screen writing, playwriting, poetry, songs, memoirs, and more. Creative writing is strongly connected with the disciplines of literature, philosophy and communications. The course is suitable for anyone with a general interest in science; no previous knowledge or experience is required. Raymond Boxman Edith Boxman . This course teaches scientists to become more effective writers, using practical examples and exercises. Creative writing educates students on basic elements of fiction, as well as the importance of character, scene and plot. Scientific Writing courses from top universities and industry leaders. UCL is the number one London university for Research Strength (REF2014), recognised for its academic excellence and global impact. Topics include: principles of good writing, tricks for writing faster and with less anxiety, the format of a scientific manuscript, peer review, grant writing, ethical issues in scientific publication, and writing for general audiences. Learn Scientific Writing online with courses like Writing in the Sciences and How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper (Project-Centered Course). If you are working in the field of science and would like to practice and improve your science writing skills, this course is designed to support you as a professional. Communicating Science a crash course on scientific writing and more for science and engineering graduate students and researchers.

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