In accordance with the citizenship act, Russian citizenship could be acquired: by birth; as a result of admission to the citizenship of the Russian Federation; as a result of restoration in the citizenship of the Russian Federation; and on other grounds provided by the Federal Law or international treaty of the Russian Federation. Also there is a new dual citizenship registration law. You will have an obligation to register your dual citizenship after your first visit there since the law's enactment. Those born in Russia to parents who are both permanent residents of Russia who do not acquire any other citizenship may also acquire Russian citizenship. When I go to Russia on my Russian passport there I am no longer British but Russian and likewise in Britain. Russian citizens may not legally receive a student (or any other) visa. Those found abandoned on Russian territory to unknown parents may acquire citizenship. If you have always lived in Australia then there is no problem. Military Service Act > § 39. The way in which the laws on the Russia citizenship in Russia were drafted was largely affected by the dissolution of the USSR in 1991. Most russian embassies say do it when you get to Russia but that is difficult as you need a registered address. Russia requires Russian citizens, including those holding dual citizenship, to enter Russia on the basis of a Russian passport. CITIZENSHIP BY BIRTH.

Citizenship of Russia is regulated by the Federal Act regarding citizenship of the Russian Federation (of 2002, with the amendments of 2003, 2004, 2006), Constitution of the Russian Federation (of 1993), and the international treaties that cover citizenship questions to which the Russian Federation is a party. Russia is about to criminalize failure to declare dual citizenship in what lawmakers say is a bid to crack down on the "fifth column" — and the fifth column is duly scared. Dual Citizenship Russia Allowed. I have British and Russian citizenship and passport. Under Russian law, you are required to do military or alternative service when you are 18. Recieving an official letter of notice from the enlistment office. Dual citizenship in Russian was adopted in Russia’s nationality laws, which deal with matters concerning the Russian citizenship. Those who have traveled to Russia before on visas should be aware that this was due to bureaucratic oversight. Those born to at least one Russian parent acquire Russian citizenship at birth. You can only really be conscripted by: 1. There is again something like 90 days allowed to notify them.

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