(a) Describe the picture. While he waited, he looked through the rooms. It was run down but it had to do. Beware! He waddled up to the front desk, carrying his bags.
Look at the pictures in the book. The walls were a dark brown and the carpet was a deep red. A man, a lawyer called Mr Mohammed. 2 Here are the titles of the stories. Room 13 and Other Ghost stories. He had been travelling for a while and had to stop in a motel called The Qube. (b) What is happening in the picture? Choose the most interesting picture. Room 13 and Other Ghost Stories M. R. James A Before Reading 1 This is a book of ghost stories.
Scary Stories Room 13 *Short story* KreepyPasta. Publisher: Macmillan Publishers Ltd Genre: Classic ... (ELT/ESL) eBook is an elementary-level Macmillan Reader.

M.R. Elementary Level Exercises Answers Key Room 13 and other ghost stories M. R. JAMES Macmillan Readers Room 13 1 This page has been downloaded from www.macmillanenglish.com. There are five short stories - Room 13, The Whistle, The Message of Death, The Maze, and The Lost Crowns of Anglia - about ghosts, evil spirits and creatures of the night. Very dark place, ha ha! It is photocopiable, but all copies must be complete pages. James.

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