Each of them perform flawlessly. I have three Waterman pens: Rollerball, Fountain and Ballpoint.

Packaging unit = 2 Refills. Add to Cart. A clear picture of each refill is shown on the product page which should allow easy identification / comparison.

Pen Chalet carries a wide assortment of rollerball pen refills. Rollerball Refill Slim Gel Rollerball Pen Refill - Blue - Single Pack Item # 8910-2.

Packaging unit = 2 Refills.

Rollerball Pen Refills Shop a vast selection of fine pens, gifts, inks, stationery, & more from top brands Competitive prices & fast shipping Unmatched expertise since 1929

Available in four ink colours.

We have a great range of Rollerball from top brands. Buy Rollerball at WHSmith. Rollerball ink refills are easy to replace and make it super easy to change the color of ink being used. If your rollerball is from a niche brand such as Otto Hut or Coles Deluxe, choose our Monteverde standard rollerball refill which fits most pens and is available in eight colours. Elegant writing instruments with the characteristic Montblanc emblem have existed for more than a hundred years. This refill does not suit the capless LAMY Tipo, Swift and Dialog 2 rollerball pens.

Delivery is free on all UK orders over £25.

I replaced the ink cartridge in my Fountain pen with a refillable Converter and have had good performance when refilling the Fountain pen using Waterman brand ink. Pen Ink Refills - Fountain Pen, Ballpoint, Rollerball Refills | Parker Inks & Refills Formulated for a consistently smooth, ... With its rollerball tip enabling consistent flow of the ink directly onto the paper, the Parker rollerball refill delivers optimal writing performance without skipping.

Cross rollerball refills are particularly smooth due to their gel ink. Rollerball Refill Selectip Gel Rollerball Pen Refill - Purple - Single Pack Item # 8014. M = Medium. Those from the big brands such as Parker, Cross, Lamy and Waterman are only compatible with their own pens. £4.00. M = Medium. Most manufacturers have adopted standard shape refills allowing different makes and brands of refills to be interchanged. We carry most brands of roller ball ink refills in both bulk and blister 1 and 2 packs, on the market today, all at 10% off retail prices. The Eco Roller and all Levenger “convertible” rollerball pens are able to use a writing tip that can accept and international short fountain pen refill.

Rollerball Refills Owing to their liquid based ink, rollerball refills are much smoother than a ballpoint (but can’t be used interchangeably).

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