This high level cognitive ability occurs as a result of processes like perception, thinking, reasoning and realizing. 6. 5. 7. When You Can, Empower Others: Whenever a leader can empower individuals and teams to own or participate in a decision-making process, it will create higher levels of engagement. The following points are some of the leaders role for effective decision making: 1. As Daniel Pink describes in his book on motivation entitled “ Drive ,” a crucial aspect of creating intrinsically driven employees is to give them … 2. 3. Individuals who know the way act in a way that achieves the set goals and demonstrates to others … Continue reading "What is the true value of leadership in decision making… Decision making is one of the most important ability of human. Leadership – as a function within civilisations – features in the organisation of human systems and societies because people generally accept that many sorts of complex and large scale decision-making are best made by full-time Application: Leadership As entrepreneur John C. Maxwell points out, “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” We have all been influenced by leaders at some point in our lives. 8.

4. It balances the power between the groups at the top, creates a set of checks and balances and ensures that the board of directors can operate as an independent body, making the choices it feels are best. Establish clarity on the decision making model Lead the group Follow the group Manage the process and the content

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