A secretary will maintain all the permanent and temporary records of the student council and will also direct communicate with directors on behalf of the student Council. PRESIDENT Is the chief spokesperson and officer of the Student Council; • Calls meetings; • Chairs What is a Student Council????? The secretary is generally responsible for the administration of the club, arranging meetings and taking the circulating minutes and matters regarding the constitution.

To be a secretary means organisation, time management and fun with membership lists. But school council secretaries are often assigned additional responsibilities that make the job more …

At first glance, the role of school council secretary seems straightforward: You type up the meeting agendas and prepare minutes from each meeting. • To encourage the students in the school to become more aware of how the school is run and to constructively identify and express their needs. The secretary also reports information taken from the treasury and handles correspondence. The secretary updates the class list.

The student secretary keeps track of information in the council. The secretary must keep accurate minutes, allowing the council to have a record of student decisions. He or she also ensure that copies of the minutes of all Student Council meetings shall be distributed in a proper time or without any delay to all Student Council Officers. What is the role of a Secretary?

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