Mr. Cory himself is not from there; it's a place that he visits. Without Richard Cory, "Richard Cory" would be, well, pretty much two lines about the townspeople. >> Richard Cory Summary "Richard Cory" is a narrative poem by Edwin Arlington Robinson. Richard Cory - Analysis. "Richard Cory" first appeared in the American poet Edwin Arlington Robinson's 1897 collection, The Children of the Night.In four brisk stanzas, "Richard Cory" tells the story of a wealthy man who often strolls the streets of a poverty-stricken town whose residents all envy his seeming glory.

The folks who do live in this town call themselves the "people on the pavement."

Richard Cory lead an unbearably lonely life. It is written from the perspective of the citizens of a small town. Many poets write about death and appearances. Not only does it announce the subject of the poem to come, but it also sets a focal point for us readers, just like how R.C. Robinson’s poem is about a rich man that commits suicide, and the thoughts of the people in town that watch him in his everyday life. is the focus of all the down-towners in the poem who look up to him with envy and admiration. Both the song and the poem tell of Richard Cory's ultimate suicide; however, the song ends slightly differently, declaring in the final chorus that even after his death, the people wanted to be like Richard Cory. Given all this, the title's pretty much a no-brainer. "Richard Cory" takes place "down town." In the poem Richard Cory by Edwin Arlington Robinson, the author tries to communicate several things. His money did not buy happiness nor did it bring him friends.

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