Research Activity Partial Differential Equations show up in almost all fields of exact sciences. The research is focused on the existence, regularity, stability and other properties of such solutions. This research area includes analysis of differential equations, especially those which occur in applications in the natural sciences, such as fluid dynamics, materials science, or mathematical physics.

These equations come from problems in biomathematics, combustion theory, fluid mechanics, geometry, medical imaging and traffic management. Within this broad scope, research at UConn's math department focuses mainly on the following topics: Linear partial differential equations and Brownian motion. Many fundamental processes in nature and technology can be described by partial differential equations. The research group is working on the analytical theory of such equations (existence, uniqueness, qualitative behaviour) and on the development and implementation of algorithms for their numerical solution.

Our group does research on many different types of partial differential equations.

View Partial Differential Equations Research Papers on for free. View PARTIAL DIFFERENTIAL EQUATION Research Papers on for free.

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