This, of course, depends on one’s view of concepts. 1.
For republicans since Cicero there can be no liberty without law, and no valid law or legal system when liberty is disregarded. Republican liberty is a theory of law, which understands the purpose of law as pursuit of the common good. Once these two ideas are brought into conversation with the notion of individual sovereignty, we can begin to glimpse a revised vision of republican constitutionalism. Political Liberty as Non-Domination. The second idea is liberty as that concept was understood in republican political thought. But, he notes, on Berlin’s view of concepts, the answer would be yes, since the two concepts of negative liberty …

First, he considers whether the republican idea really expresses a third concept of freedom. Absolutely central to the contemporary civic republican program is the conception of political liberty as non-domination or independence from arbitrary power, and so it makes good sense to begin with an explication of this idea.

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