Physicians' Legal Responsibility to Report Impaired Drivers. Forum Member 03/07/11 - 14:14 in Advice #1. He then starts driving all over the city and spends the rest of the day in and out of the house and back to his truck drinking more and more as the day goes by. She said hello to him and he slurred something back. If you see someone driving erratically on the road or witness a person getting into the driver’s seat after drinking, reporting them to the police can help save lives. Reporting a drunk driver is vitally important and could potentially save someone’s life. If they have reasonable suspicion of alcohol or drug use, police conduct a field sobriety test. Never feel guilty about calling the police to report someone who you suspect is driving drunk.
Drunk drivers take thousands of innocent lives every year, including in Colorado. My neigbour saw the guy next door drive down the road, get out of car and stagger to his door where he had difficulty getting the key in the lock. 2008;10(6):393-396. doi: 10.1001/virtualmentor.2008.10.6.hlaw1-0806. So if you see someone who is driving erratically, contact the police ASAP. PDF Altmetric There are times when the danger that a driver poses to other people and property outweighs the significant benefits of driving. I already know his drinking habit and his daily routine.

Because drunk driving is illegal, when you report a drunk driver, law enforcement will attempt to find the vehicle and assess whether the driver is impaired. Virtual Mentor. Rather than report the drunk person for dangerous driving, our Members said they'd prefer to take away the driver's keys, call a cab or offer them a lift. Citation. Leaving a tip at an emergency hotline can lead to a faster response time by officials. State officials have made a call to all citizens to report any potential drunk drivers to local authorities by calling 911 or their local jurisdiction. Reporting a drunk driver. The next Wednesday he drove to close to us nearly hitting us.

Reporting a dangerous driver caught on dashcam. Two Wednesdays in a row, we have seen this man with a shaved head in his early 50s swerving, driving to close to us. If the drunk person was a family member, then only 2% said they would call the police, compared with 49% for a stranger. Lee Black, JD, LLM . One Wednesday we saw him almost hit another car when he pulled out of Quaker Steaks parking Lott on to Garlington Rd. itwasn'tme Posts: 2,785. Under no circumstance are citizens encouraged to attempt to follow the driver or interfere with the incident. He always start his first drink at around 11:am and by 1:pm he is all wired up. It's my landlord.
When people drive while impaired by alcohol or drugs, they place the people sharing the roads with them in grave danger. Habitual Drunk Driver. If the motorist fails the field sobriety test, they will be arrested and their vehicle impounded. Hotlines To Report Drunk Drivers.

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