So people who were previously for hunting have had to change their opinions as it is less expectable in society today.

But I was finally beginning to thaw out. The sport of hunting …

Religions differ on attitudes toward hunting BOB REEVES/Lincoln Journal Star Nov 3, 2006 Nov 3, 2006 × You have run out of free articles.

More traditional believers of their religion are more likely to be for it. Sport hunting: Hunting 'aimed at maintaining religious or cultural traditions, at re-enacting national or evolutionary history, at practicing certain skills, or just at securing a trophy' Most people who argue in favor of hunting are not arguing in favor of trophy hunting, the practice of killing an animal simply to show off its head and pelt. A Christian’s Perspective on Hunting. Question: "What does the Bible say about Christians hunting animals for sport?" I do not think that hunting is wrong if done humanely. Miserably cold.

I t had been cold that morning.

Answer: The closest reference to sport hunting is Proverbs 12:27; "The lazy man does not roast what he took in hunting, But diligence is man’s precious possession" (NKJV). It was nearly noon, and the sun had climbed high enough in the sky to penetrate the forest’s winter canopy.

because of my background ,the way I was taught as a jew I could not hunt animals for sport.

Trophy hunting is, in fact, abhorred by the majority of the public. Often, the animal being hunted is a rare or endangered animal, but even trophy hunting for wolves, moose, and bears is unpalatable to many people. All religions have varying views on the practice of hunting. Others allow the consumption of animals, but only if the animal is killed in a sacred way. hunting for sport I raised sheep some years ago, and bred dogs that protected the flock from predators like coyotes, fox, etc. protecting the flock was my responsibility ,and the dogs proved to be an important asset. Brad Williams. Islamic views and teachings relating to hunting are much stricter than those associated with Christianity.

Other religions preach vegetarianism, as all animals are living creatures that should be allowed to live. Some advocate for it, as long as it is done in a sustainable way and food is not wasted. But as times have moved on and many new laws have been put into place, the views on hunting have become a lot more compassionate. The Qur'an says that all Muslims should treat animals with care and respect because all living creatures are said to praise god, even if it is not in a language which humans understand.

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