British came to power in 1757; Indians, in 1857, felt that the British rule had come to an end and they ought to be ousted. Although some Historians claim 1857 revolt as just an Sepoy mutiny, V. D. Savarkar says it as First War of Independence. British came to power in 1757; Indians, in 1857, felt that the British rule had come to an end and they ought to be ousted. The Revolt of 1857: Causes, Nature, Importance and Outcomes The Revolt of 1857 (Also regarded as India's First War of Independece) was an extremely important event in Indian history. The Revolt of 1857 is the first Indian revolt for independence against the British government, ruling India at that time under Imperialism as a colonial master. The 1857 Revolt: the Major Causes-Economic Causes- ... Socio-Religious Causes; ... “Arora IAS” is the name that has reached almost every home of India though excellence that we have created over last 4 years. Many causes led to the outbreak of Revolt of 1857. Political: Nana Sahib was refused pension, as he was the adopted son of pesewa Baji Rao II. revolt of 1857 in india causes leaders sepoy mutiny indian rebellion. The increasing activities of the Christian missionaries and the actual conversions made by them were taken as a proof of this fear. 4. An uprising in several sepoy companies of the Bengal army was sparked by the issue of new gunpowder cartridges for the Enfield rifle February, 1857. 1857 Revolt also regarded as India’s First Independence war was a significant event in Indian history. Socio-Religious cause: Revolt of 1857 Causes for Revolt of 1857 British Expansionist Policies Annexation policy Doctrine of lapse Restrictions on Royal families (Subsidiary alliance) Economic Exploitation High land revenue Heavy Taxation Discriminatory tariff policy against Indian products Destruction of traditional handicrafts industry Heavy Mechanization & Huge drain of wealth Karl Marx remarked in 1853, “It was 2. The main causes of the revolt were the so-called unjust exploitative and oppressive policies of … With this belief, the Indians rose in revolt against the British. Causes of 1857 Revolt .. punjab and the indian revolt of 1857 Download punjab and the indian revolt of 1857 or read online books in PDF, . From the battle of Palessay in 1757, to the revolt 1857, it was a full century. The Revolt of 1857 was started by the company’s sepoys. 2. The revolt of 1857 was a combination of political, economic, socio-religious and military causes. Religious sentiments were also hurt by the British policy of taxing lands belonging to temples and mosques. Although it is exaggeration, it laid the seeds for Indian nationalism. started a rebellion. The Revolt of 1857 which is called ‘Sepoy Mutiny’, ‘Great Revolt’ and the ‘First War of Indian Independence‘ is the watershed in the history of pre-independent and early colonial India. With this belief, the Indians rose in revolt against the British. A brief account of these causes is given below: A. D) increased pressure on agricultural land View Answer / Hide Answer

Causes of the Revolt 1857. They too had a number of grievances. The revolt of 1857 - MCQs with answers - Part I 1.Which among the following was not an economic cause of the revolt of 1857? What were the main causes of Revolt of 1857? Avadh was annexed in 1857, on charges of maladministration Satara, Jhansi, Nagpur and Sambhalpur were annexed owing to Doctrine of lapse. The rulers of India fell one by one before the might of the Western arms. The Sepoy mutiny of 1857, popularly known as the Revolt of 1857 was the first major attempt at overthrow of the British rule from India led by disgruntled sepoys or army jawans and later joined by various sections of the society like princes, zamindars, peasants, etc. The Revolt of 1857: Causes, Nature, Importance and Outcomes The Revolt of 1857 (Also regarded as India's First War of Independece) was an extremely important event in Indian history. EXPANDING BRITISH EMPIRE; Since the battle of Plassey, the British conquered territory after territory to extend their empire. MILITARY CAUSES.

Nature of the Revolt of 1857 ‘Sepoy Mutiny’ to some British historians—“a wholly unpatriotic and selfish Sepoy Mutiny with no native leadership and no popular support”, said Sir John Seeley. A) Heavy taxation B) But down on major patronage for artisans and handicrafts C) increasing availability of market for Indian cotton.

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