Tags. Add to My Favorites Report this Debate Share with My Friends. William Lane Craig. What pitfalls can we avoid when debating, especially online? back.

Debates; Existence of God; Reasonable Faith Tour 2011; Descriptors . Reasonable Faith provides an excellent springboard for you to learn what sorts of arguments are out there, so that you can then determine what you might want to learn more about. This documentary contains never-before-seen interviews with attendees and participants from the 2011 Reasonable Faith Tour. View Debate Videos . Our free application gives you access to Dr. William Lane Craig’s weekly podcasts, Q&A, articles, audio and video of debates and talks, and live-streaming, video, and audio from Dr. Craig's Defenders class. He’s listed a bunch of these Reasonable faith is an unreasonable premise. KEVIN HARRIS: Let’s pick up where we left off last time on Reasonable Faith with Dr. William Lane Craig.We’ve been looking at a list of what Mike Manea says are some flawed foundations that show up whenever we get into debates with our atheist friends. back. Tags. To expand upon most of the material found in this book at a greater level of depth, you can freely access the recordings or transcripts of William Lane Craig's in-person discussion group called Defenders. Debate Transcripts. Do you like this debate?No Yes +0 Yes +0 Videos of Dr. Craig's exciting debates with prominent philosophers, scientists, and biblical scholars on the truth claims of biblical Christianity. The official app of Reasonable Faith with William Lane Craig! Transcripts of several of Dr. Craig's exciting debates with prominent philosophers, scientists, and biblical scholars on the truth claims of biblical Christianity. Reasonable Faith features the work of philosopher and theologian Dr. William Lane Craig in order to carry out its three-fold mission: 1.

Debate Videos. Introductory; Video; 76 min watch; Can We Be Good Without God? Bill Craig gives a lecture on whether we need a belief in God to be good. View Debate Transcripts . Let me just say on behalf of UCCF who are sponsoring the debate 05 / 06 “Was Jesus Bodily Raised from the Dead?” Okay, it’s around about half past seven so we’re going to begin.

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