I have chosen this theory because it encourages students to share from their personal experience. It also emphasizes the idea that there is not just one right answer and de-emphasizes the teacher as expert. Reader-response criticism is a school of literary theory that focuses on the reader (or "audience") and their experience of a literary work, in contrast to other schools and theories that focus attention primarily on the author or the content and form of the work.. TOWARDS A TRANSACTIONAL THEORY OF READING Louise M. Rosenblatt* The task assigned to me in this Seminar on Reading Theory grows out of my interest in the interpretation of literary works of art. She also authored The Reader the Text the Poem: The Transactional Theory of the Literary Work (Southern Illinois University, 1978, 1994) and had numerous articles and co-authored publications. Louise Rosenblatt est née à Atlantic City, de parents juifs immigrés.
Literature as Exploration by Louise Rosenblatt (1938) Rosenblatt pioneered Reader-Response theory with this study , in which she considers how the reader's response … Falling under this heading is the Reader Response strategy proposed by Louise Rosenblatt. This paper examines the reader-response theory citing the proponents of the theory. Louise Michelle Rosenblatt née le 23 août 1904 à Atlantic City dans le New Jersey, morte le 8 février 2005 à Arlington dans l'État de Virginie est une philosophe américaine et professeur d'Université connue pour ses travaux sur la lecture et l'enseignement de la littérature [1. Rosenblatt’s final book, Making Meaning with Texts: Selected Essays, was published by Heinemann on Feb. 1. Biographie. Rosenblatt The Transactional Theory - 1 Abstract In the light of the post-Einsteinian scientific paradigm and Peircean semiotics, reading and writing are seen as always involving individuals, with their particular linguistic/experiential resources, in particular transactions with particular environments or contexts. While connections can be made between reader response theory and new literacies, literature that explores such connections is just emerging.

Rosenblatt’s reader response theory has a long history of being connected to print text, but as the language arts classroom evolves and technology broadens the realm of literacy, theory must adapt as well.

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