Department of Computer Science, Nigeria Defence Academy, Kaduna, Nigeria.

Key words: Social Media, Academic performances, Undergraduates *Corresponding author: ISSN: 2289-6694 Page 15 1. Email: . 5 th June. Since the advent of social media sites in the 1990s, it is assumed in some quarters that the academic performance of students is facing a lot of neglect and challenges. Impact of Social Media of Student’s Academic Performance Zahid Amin, Ahmad Mansoor, Syed Rabeet Hussain And Faisal Hashmat Abstract: The focus of the study is to determine the effect of growing use of social media sites on the academic performance of the students of universities and colleges. Educators and students can use social media as informational and communicational tools to ease and improve learning process. social media on the achievement of students of the Department of Arts Education, Kogi State University, Anyigba. We hereby declare that all the work presented in the project report entitled “Impact of Social Networking Sites on academic performance of students” of the subject Research Tools and Techniques at Institute is an authentic record of our own work carried out under the guidance of Professor. Social networking has become a common international trend which has spread its reach to almost every corner of the world. 3. 1. and Ogwueleka Francisca Nonyelum. Social Media & Academic Performance Informed Consent Dear Participant, My name is Blessing Popoola.

ABSTRACT . 2nd INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH MANAGEMENT & INNOVATION CONFERENCE (IRMIC 2015) LANGKAWI, 26 – 27 AUGUST 2015 IMPACT OF SOCIAL MEDIA USAGE ON ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF UNIVERSITY STUDENTS Hira Hasnain1, Anum Nasreen2, Hamza Ijaz3 hira_hasnain@live.com1, anumnasreen21@gmail.com2, hamzaijaz555@gmail.com3 FAST School of Management, National …

1, 2 . The instrument for data collection was a questionnaire titled Social Media and Academic Achievement Questionnaire (SMAAQ) … View Effects of Social Media on Student Academic Performance Research Papers on for free. Rather social network sites (SNS) promote interactions among students and teachers (Ahmed & Qazi, 2011). 1.5 SCOPE AND DELIMITATION The study was conducted to assess the impact of social media on students’ academic performance.

LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL. The use of … effects of social network usage on university students’ academic performance.

The academic performance of these students, social media and academic performance, the issue of where social media helps or hurts or a student academic performance is often couched in larger issues identified with the overall use of social media (e.g. Students spend quality time to comment, update, read and share posts on social networks. IMPACT OF SOCIAL MEDIA ON STUDENTS’ ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE . Agwi Uche Celestine.

THE IMPACT OF SOCIAL MEDIA ON STUDENTS ... KEY TERMS: Social media, Academic performance, Time appropriateness, Time duration, friend-people connection, nature of usage, health addiction and security/privacy problems. The social network overuse certainly has some negative impact that may counterbalance the potential benefits and poses grave consequences to the academic performance of its victims. Research Tools and Techniques The sample consist 400 students across the 4 levels. 2. The impact of social media on academic performance could be positive or negative at the same time. The Course Professor. I am currently studying Business information systems. This research is being conducted as part of my final year project at the University of Portsmouth under the supervision of Alice Good. negative impact of social media and students' academic achievements. Hence, this study will investigate the impact of social media on students’ academic performance among senior secondary school students in education district I of …

On the basis of random sampling a sample of 300

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