Pure research is the knowledge of facts and theories to give us satisfaction of knowledge and understanding. The topic should be interesting and original. Research is basically done for two purposes: to understand the world around us or why things or process work the way they do and to understand the applications of these processes. But a proposal is not merely a mini research paper. It discovers general principles for a problem solution. It should have a specific and narrow topic. Types of Research on the Basis of Purpose Following are the different types of research on the basis of purpose. Pure research is theoretical type not a practical one.
All of these functions contribute to the development of knowledge. Research fills a vital and important role in society: it is the means by which discoveries are made, ideas are confirmed or refuted, events controlled or predicted and theory developed or refined. THE RESEARCH PURPOSE (3) Dr.Wafa A.K.Abbas Definition of Research Purpose The research purpose is a statement of "why" the study is being conducted, or the goal of the study. The purpose of research proposal: The purpose of research proposal is to give a basic idea to your instructor about your research paper. Such as : Descriptive Research, Exploratory Research and Hypothesis Testing. According to the purpose research can be classified into three broad groups. Pure Research . Goals of Scientific Research Many researchers agree that the goals of scientific research are: description, prediction, and explanation/understanding.

The main purpose of educational research is focused upon scientific investigation and provide solutions to the problems in the field of education. The goal of a study might be to identify or describe a concept or to explain or predict a situation or solution to a situation that indicates the
a research design is the arrangement of conditions for collection and analysis of data in a manner that aims to combine relevance to the research purpose with economy in procedure. Generally the thesis statement is in one or two sentences.

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