Jail is a temporary holding facility. The judge hears both sides the case by the defendant, State, or plaintiff. Prison - Prison - Privatization: As governments faced the problems created by burgeoning prison populations in the late 20th century—including overcrowding, poor sanitation, and riots—a few sought a solution in turning over prison management to the private sector. 5 reasons: The purpose of imprisonment. We must remember the purpose of prison Prison works precisely because offenders are not committing crimes while they are inside. yes they should also do that if they seem that there doing good . The purpose of imprisonment came to serve the dual purposes of detention and punishment.” The sentenced time for inmates is a year or less and the detained time for suspected intoxicated detainees is forty-eight hours. When living within a society, you implicitly sign a social contract to work with and for the society to propel forward its common interests. Inmates are crammed into small cells or overcrowded dorms like sardines, surrounded by some of the most difficult personalities on the planet, and ordered around by self-righteous, often power hungry and abusive authority figures.

When someone breaks the laws outlined by state and government legislation, they are arrested or detained then they go to court. The purpose of prison should be to keep the bad people that do not so good thing away from the the people who do good and to punish them. The original purpose of confining a person within a prison was not to punish them, but was a means of keeping the perpetrator of a crime detained until the actual punishment could be carried out. The purpose of prison is to punish wrongdoings considered not within the normal spectrum of society and the law. The Purpose of prisons Sep 09, 2011 Viewed: 667. Punishment. (Usually under 1 year). The purpose of prison is to punish wrongdoings considered not within the normal spectrum of society and the law. The Purpose Of Communishment In Prison And Prison 782 Words | 4 Pages. It also serves as a place for short term incarceration. By Christopher ZoukisIn a perfect world, prison generally has three purposes: prison acts as a deterrent to instant and repeat crime, prison punishes the wrongdoer, and prison ideally treats or rehabilitates the wrongdoer so they no longer engage in crime. This official is held responsible if there are such problems as riots, escapes, prison mismanagement and brutality towards prisoners. Corrections operate as part of the criminal-justice system, providing housing and programs for offenders who have been convicted of crimes that necessitate the loss of freedom for the offender.

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