Prompt's writing feedback is what great teachers provide when they have more time. Prompt, adjective and verb, presents some oddities. prompt action definition in English dictionary, prompt action meaning, synonyms, see also 'prompt side',prompt note',opposite prompt',prompter'. Persons detained on mental health grounds should have prompt access to judicial review.
A prompt may also be a text representation of where the user is currently. Traduzioni in contesto per "prompt" in inglese-italiano da Reverso Context: prompt action, take prompt, command prompt

Elapsed time: 217 ms. We work with educational institutions and directly with students. One is that the first recorded date for the adjective is about 1425 and for the verb, 1428, making it impossible to determine which part of speech was the … However, some children learn to “wait” for the prompt, meaning over time their learning history has shown them that if they do not respond a prompt will come and reinforcement will follow. Prompts are used for assessments that require a created response, such as writing assignments, oral and visual presentations, digital essays and stories, and individual or group projects. Display more examples. Learn more. Suggest an example. ... No results found for this meaning.

Suggest an example. What is an assignment prompt?

input definition: 1. something such as energy, money, or information that is put into a system, organization, or…. A prompt is text or symbols used to represent the system's readiness to perform the next command. Exact: 5451. For example, an MS-DOS prompt or Windows command prompt may look like the example below. prompt action 362. prompt and effective 341. ensure prompt 299. take prompt 217. prompt and impartial 211. prompt implementation 195. prompt … Students may have never responded correctly with a less intrusive type of prompt and have never contacted reinforcement. Pre-tax profit soared 28.2%, prompting the company to declare a special dividend of 70¢ a share . prompt sb/sth to do sth Evidence of a slow economy will prompt the bank to lower interest rates again. Your assignment prompt is a clear statement of what you expect a student to do to demonstrate learning. Results: 5451. Enrich your vocabulary with the English Definition …

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