Strategy implementation is the process by which an organisation translates its chosen strategy into action plans and activities, which will steer the organisation in the direction set out in the strategy and enable the organisation to achieve its strategic objectives. PERT is a sophisticated tool used in planning, schedu ling and controlling large projects consisting of a number of activities independent of one another and with uncertain completion times.

monitoring, covering everything that happens during the life of the project from the time that the project contract is signed through to closure of the project (Figure 1). 17. The following are common types of implementation. Your company might have only one project in the works at a time, while other larger corporations and entities might juggle several projects at once.

This section also outlines guidelines for project portfolio monitoring, programme monitoring, as well as . project closure. Tools and Techniques of Project Management Chapter 7 . Figure 1 Project Implementation and Monitoring.

And used in tandem with project management software, they help save time and reduce costs. related to project .

This paper examines how companies can implement strategy through projects by using program management and project portfolio management. However, t hese things can be avoided by adopting effective practices and project management techniques which will help to establish a clear understanding of expectations and processes among all the people on board. There are many project management techniques to choose from. This phase involves the construction of the actual project result. Project management is one of the most critical components of a successful business.

Abstract. Uncertainty is something, which cannot be predicted with statistical confidence, normally due to insufficient information.

Direct Cutover Replacing an old system with a new one at a point in time. In some instances, project managers assign a name or number to the product at the end of each cycle, regardless of its completeness or functionality.

6 Types of Implementation posted by John Spacey, May 01, 2017. The steps in project implementation include: • Setting up the project for implementation, including the establishment of a project team and the creation of a milestone plan (usually annual). The author shows the process of implementation of mature project management methodology in a 2000+ employee organization.


Network analysis entails a group of techniques for presenting information relating to time and resources so as to assist in the planning, scheduling, and controlling of projects.

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