Multibhashi’s Punjabi-English Dictionary will help you find the meaning of different words from Punjabi to English like the meaning of Sanadara, The Meaning of Mōhaka and from English to Punjabi like the meaning of Awesome, The meaning of Adorable etc. Meaning of name Origin of name Names meaning Names starting with Names of origin. Punjabi translation of Regulate.

Use * for … Prohibition is the act or practice of forbidding something by law; more particularly the term refers to the banning of the manufacture, storage (whether in barrels or in bottles), transportation, sale, possession, and consumption of alcoholic beverages. on smoking) act of prohibiting.

Name of reciter: Sayyid Jamal Al-Din Al-Tirmidhi Read by: Abu `Amir Muhammad Ruh Allah Tawhidi. Hindi - English. prohibited. Heptathlon definition: The heptathlon is an athletics competition for women in which each athlete competes in... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Log In Dictionary Regulate nearby words. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Quran recitation with a translation of the meaning of the Quran in Punjabi. Volstead Act, formally National Prohibition Act, U.S. law enacted in 1919 (and taking effect in 1920) to provide enforcement for the Eighteenth Amendment, prohibiting the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages. PROHIBITION MEANING IN HINDI. defense translation in English-Punjabi dictionary. Regulate Punjabi meaning along with definition. Use this free dictionary to get the definition of capability in Punjabi and also the definition of capability in English. Cookies help us deliver our services. 5 Al-Maidah The Table spread with Food. Regulate meaning in Punjabi. An act of prohibiting, forbidding, disallowing, or proscribing something. A prohibition is a law or rule forbidding something. You can also find Prohibition meaning and Translation in Urdu, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, French and other languages.

Plural of Singular of Past tense of Present tense of Verb for Adjective for Adverb for Noun for. Word forms: plural prohibitions.

precedent translation in English-Panjabi dictionary. Prohibition meaning in Hindi: Get meaning and translation of Prohibition in Hindi language with grammar,antonyms,synonyms and sentence usages.Know answer of question : what is meaning of Prohibition in Hindi dictionary? 1. countable noun. a decree that prohibits something. Definition of prohibition written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels prohibition definition: Prohibition is a law or order forbidding something, or is the condition of forbidding something, or was a time in the U.S. during YourDictionary definition and usage example There are a number of religious prohibitions in Sikhism.. Haircuts: Cutting or removing hair from any body part is strictly forbidden despite shaving or trimming facial and nostril hairs for both Amritdhari (formally baptized) and Keshdhari (non-baptized and practicing) Sikhs. 4 An-Nisa The Women. English to Punjabi Dictionary gives you the best and accurate Punjabi meanings of Regulate

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