When might an author write using this structure? OC. Each problem-solution essay structure has its own merits.

Problem–Solution Texts This kind of high-level structure usually consists of four elements: 1.

Do the steps described need to be completed in a particular sequence? This lesson will explain the characteristics of the problem and solution text structure. Problem Solution Text Structure.

Problem Solution Text Structure - Displaying top 8 worksheets found for this concept.. Have a problem with identifying problem and solution? A. Can you recognize the problems and solutions in Description of a situation. The relationship between the causes and effects--and how they fit with the problem and solution--are very clear in this book.

While teaching, be sure to explicitly discuss how this is different from cause and effect. Description of a solution. D. What have people done to try to resolve the issue?


This is the way that text usually works. Problem and Solution text structure can be a little tricky for students to master. Which question would be helpful to identify a problem-and-solution text structure? A block structure is relatively clearer and simpler to use while the chain structure presents the solutions directly to the problems, which can be quite useful when introducing several problem-solution items.

A: Authors use the problem and solution structure to organize their ideas in a way that helps the reader understand the passage and what is being proposed/solved. Home‎ > ‎Reading‎ > ‎Text Structures‎ > ‎ Example of Problem and Solution Text Structure.

Problems don't just appear overnight; they have causes. Unless the author comes out and directly states the problem, the students can struggle with drawing their own conclusions.

In Ghana, bikes are in high demand. Q: Why would the author use this particular structure?

I want them to think beyond what it is and start to think why it is used?

Quiz Time!! So bikes are used to transport most of the country's food and material goods. The two are very similar and identifying the text structure will come down to those clue words again. In my experiences, one problem and one solution is more than enough to answer the question properly, but if you prefer, feel free to add one more problem or solution.

How are the elements different from each other? What details are used to describe the topic? Few people have enough money to afford a car. 2.

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You'll also learn how to identify the best solution, and some important signal words like "as … Problem Solution Text Structure.

A Natural Solution. The writer can just choose which structure he is more comfortable using. Reset Next

I also like the way that the author interweaves causal relationships within the problem/solution structure.

Worksheets are Identifying text structure 1, Miladys cepero perez digging deeper into text structure final, Text structure work 12, Teaching text structure guide, Pure text paragraphs, Text structure strategies, Text structure practice, Five expository text structures. Some students have commented that this structure only has one problem and one solution and they are worried this will not be enough to get to 250 words.

B. In this lesson, you'll learn how to identify a "problem and solution" text structure in nonfiction and informational text. 3. Evaluation of the solution. Identification of a problem. What are the benefits of writing in this structure?

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