Positive Law Principles ‘Positive law’ means man-made law, created by governments and responsive to the needs of the state.

Canadians have accepted the thought of government interference in their lives far more understandingly than Americans. Positive Law. Normative analysis refers to the process of making recommendations about what action should be taken or taking a particular viewpoint on a topic. It can generally be divided into two principles: Natural law, which is based on the divine, and Positive law which states that laws are what the lawmakers command.

Rule of Law. Natural Law vs. Laws are rules established by a governing authority to organize and maintain orderly existence.

The Natural Law Theory clearly states that a law is valid if and only if it conforms to the innate principles of man. Rule of Law. It is a fascist system, not socialist, foisted on us by positive law from both Dems and Repubs that have formed very cozy partnerships with corporations, NGOs, unions, etc. But of course, this confiscation requires positive law. And binding on the subject.

Throughout history many philosophers have come to be linked to either branch of law. While the Positive Law states that a law is valid if a body that we empower to do so makes it. Positive & Natural Theory of Law. Common Core-ruption is a perfect example of this form of positive law by a central government. Positive law theory states that law is a set of rules and regulations put together by the government, and that all the citizens are obligated to abide by the law for the overall good of the nation.

positive law: Body of man-made laws consisting of codes, regulations, and statutes enacted or imposed within a political entity such as a state or nation. However, many theorists believe that the positive laws should all be in conformity with the ‘higher’ principles of natural law.

This concept left little room for civil disobedience, but for Austin “the mischief inflicted by a bad government are less than the mischief’s of anarchy”. Examples of Positive vs. Normative The distinction between positive and normative statements is easily shown via examples. Positive law provides an objective standard for human conduct: a legal norm applying equally and impartially to all individuals. Contrasts with natural law.

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