Read to know more. 3556. Share on Facebook . It would provide protections against motherhood or pregnancy discrimination while also mandating equal pay in every industry.

List of the Pros of the Equal Rights Amendment. 70638. Or does it simply reinforce the values that have kept certain groups of people at a disadvantage?

Pros: 1. Here are the pros and cons of Affirmative Action to think about. Therefore, this aims to increase ethnic and other types of diversity within the social sphere of the community. Affirmative Action Pros and Cons. Tweet on Twitter. One of the aspects of discrimination, especially in employment, is the term “positive discrimination” or “affirmative action”, which are temporary special measures aimed at achieving de facto equality and overcoming various forms of discrimination.

Keep reading to find out how such a policy can benefit if you implement this policy at your workplace today itself. Is positive discrimination or employment equity a beneficial program? 1. What Are the Pros of Affirmative Action? Share on Facebook. The Pros and Cons of Affirmative Action Affirmative action is a semi-regulated policy to provide equal opportunity (such as in employment, education, and business) for groups that are discriminated and/or are minorities (such as race/color, religion/beliefs/creed, gender, … 1. Promotes diversity: Affirmative action ensures there is diversity in the workplace environment.This promotes a culture of hard work, high performance, and innovation which will otherwise be unavailable.

Some might say that the 14th Amendment makes this effort unnecessary, but the pros and cons of the Equal Rights Amendment seems to suggest otherwise. Given below are the affirmative action pros and cons list. Affirmative action involves the steps that were taken by a particular country’s government to make and provide opportunities for minorities.

0. Jul 9, 2016. Mar 5, 2014. It increases the diversity of the workplace. Here are few pros and cons of gender stereotypes at work.

Pros or Advantages of Affirmative Action in the Workplace: Here are some advantages of affirmative action in the workplace you should know about. Tweet on Twitter. What makes people different is also what can make people stronger. Pros and Cons of Stereotypes This page shows a two columns, each with the list of either the pro or con of stereotypes. 0. 7 Pros and Cons of Affirmative Action in the Workplace. 2.

While today both men and women shoulder the same responsibilities in professional environments, many of these intrinsic traits lead to gender stereotypes in men and women in professional circles. Every country and society has its share of neglected, underprivileged or minority populace. The discrimination could be racial or ethnic, social, cultural or purely economic.

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