Here we've picked out … ADVERTISEMENT ( ) Start Slideshow. — Darren Aronofsky, Director of "Noah" and "Black Swan" Follow Cowspiracy: what the health meal planner. (Get it? A PLASTIC OCEAN begins when journalist Craig Leeson, searching for the elusive blue whale, discovers plastic waste in what should be pristine ocean. With Daniel Dowding.

Five illuminating documentaries, all streaming on Netflix, will challenge how you think about water, clothing, food, and more.

In fact, it's become one of the most prolific producers of new documentaries around, so there's a huge amount of choice.

Here is a list of ten must-see documentaries that help expose some of the critical issues facing water in the 21st century. Dogs are friends, not food.)

Moreover, these films will surely inspire you to take action in your own little ways. The Game Changers. The Netflix documentaries will open your eyes to secrets, new ways of life, and perhaps alter your perspective on everything.

Directed by Daniel Dowding. — Louie Psihoyos, Oscar-Winning Director of "The Cove" “ A documentary that will rock and inspire the environmental movement. A Plastic Ocean starts out as a documentary on blue whales but quickly turns into a study on the devastating effects that plastic pollution has had in the lives of ocean animals, from the whales, to dolphins, to seals, and more. Directed by Craig Leeson. Netflix destroyed the need for physical media like DVDs and BlueRay, something us Earth-lovers are quite thankful for, eliminating tons of yearly waste from … A Plastic Ocean Tag along with journalist Craig Leeson, giving you the insights of plastic pollution and the potential solutions.

Here, we listed down seven of our favourite entries for your kind of Netflix and chill. Netflix loves a documentary. Documentaries About Climate Change on Netflix. If you’re thinking of trying out a vegan diet or thinking about cheating on one, watching these vegan documentaries on Netflix just might be what the dog-tor ordered! A highly debated political documentary about the meat industry and our massive consumption worldwide, and how it affects our climate and land. Netflix, the worst thing to happen to the DVD industry but the best thing to happen to environmental movie lovers! These 11 best environmental documentaries you can catch on Netflix in 2015 do their part in persuading people that we need to change our ways before it is too late. Share … Warning: you might not be the same after watching these films. In December of 2016, the building was condemned by the city and all 70+ artist's were forced to evacuate the premises.

The Malibu Times | January 20, 2018. “Poisoning Paradise” Paints Portrait of Pollution. In celebration of Earth Day 2018 and this year’s focus on ending plastic pollution, here are a few documentaries to spur you into action and reduce your impact. View On One Page. Looking for environmental documentaries to binge-watch on Netflix? With David Attenborough, Sylvia Earle, Ben Fogle, Craig Leeson. Here are some of the best, most beautiful, and most moving ocean documentaries, all of which can be streamed directly from Netflix.

Documentary film-making plays an incredibly important role in raising awareness to marine conservation, as well as inspiring viewers through its beauty to care. They are non-biodegradable, killing over 100 million marine animals each year. Check them out: 1. Single-use plastic items account for more than 40 percent of plastic waste that ends up in landfills or natural environment. Basically I shame myself into doing better. Warning: you might not be the same after watching these films. June 1, 2018 by Lisette Mejia. The Game Changers is the newest hot topic vegan documentary on Netflix. “ Cowspiracy may be the most important film made to inspire saving the planet. "Bottled Life: Nestlé's Business with Water" Netflix Minimalism: A Documentary …

Our list of the best documentaries on Netflix includes true crime docuseries, political documentaries, docs about the making of movies, and much more.

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