Human Plasmodium knowlesi Infection species. Obwohl die von dieser Protozoenart hervorgerufene Malariaart als relativ gutartig zählt, so ist sie aufgrund ihrer extremen Häufigkeit dennoch für zahlenmäßig relativ viele Todesfälle durch Malaria verantwortlich. With risk of high parasitaemia and severe disease, prompt initiation of effective treatment is paramount. Knowlesi malaria cases are widely distributed in East and West Malaysia and account for more than 50% of admissions for malaria in certain hospitals in the state of Sarawak. Plasmodium knowlesi is the commonest cause of malaria in Malaysia and has been reported throughout Southeast Asia. Artesunate–mefloquine is highly efficacious for treatment of uncomplicated P knowlesi malaria. 1 Definition. Bei der Art Plasmodium vivax handelt es sich um einen Einzeller aus der Familie der Plasmodien, der als Erreger der Malaria tertiana klinische Bedeutung erlangt hat. Plasmodium knowlesi, a simian malaria parasite, is now recognised as the fifth cause of human malaria and can lead to fatal infections in humans. Risk of severe disease is strongly associated with parasitemia: 11-fold and 28-fold more likely with parasitemias >20 000/μL and >100 000/μL respectively. The rapid therapeutic response of the drug offers significant advantages compared with chloroquine monotherapy and supports a unified treatment policy for artemisinin-based combination therapy for all Plasmodium species in co-endemic areas. Plasmodium knowlesi was initially identified in the 30s as a natural Plasmodium of Macaca fascicularis monkey also capable of experimentally infecting humans. highlighting the importance of a unified treatment strategy of artemisinin-based treatment for all Plasmodium species in knowlesi-endemic areas. It gained a relative notoriety in the mid-30s as an alternative to Plasmodium vivax in the treatment of the general paralysis of the insane (neurosyphilis). Human Plasmodium species were excluded by us- ing a conventional nested PCR and real-time PCR (8,9).In addition, PCR analysis was performed on a blood sample by using diagnostic primers for Plasmodium small subunit (SSU) rRNA as described (3), including genus-specific and species-specific primers.

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