Our polymer compounds are formulated to meet challenging physical strength requirements. An adhesive is bonded to a material and peeled back at 180 degree angle to measure average peel strength. 2 Structural adhesives can replace welding, bolts, screws, spot welding, and other traditional attachments in a wide variety of industrial applications.
The average force required to pull the materials apart is then used in conjunction with the width measurement of the bond to determine the peel strength. Features and Recent Advancements . Peel testing is used to assess the bond quality and is a simple way of determining the adhesion strength of a material, especially in the case of a thin film deposited on a substrate. ASTM D903 is one of the most commonly performed adhesive strength tests. However, adhesive strength is not the only factor critical to creating an effective bond.

In other words, if you believed the numbers, the peel strength for the same bond is either 625 or 847J/m 2. Seal Strength Tester is capable of detaching a laminate through an angle of 180 Degree with a jaw separation rate of 300 mm per minute with an accuracy of +/- 2%. In peel testing an adhesive tape is applied to a surface, allowed to sit, and then pulled away. Seal Strength is defined as the average force per unit width of seal required to separate progressively a flexible material from a rigid material or another flexible material, under the conditions of the test. Epoxy structural adhesives have historically been used to accomplish these types of applications, due to their high strength and exceptional durability.

Strength Properties of Epoxy Compounds Master Bond epoxies feature outstanding physical strength properties for high performance bonding, sealing, coating, potting and encapsulation. Learn about peel strength testing and the material testing solutions we provide for peel strength testing.
This post is intended to help you understand the basic test procedure and the … Peel strength is measured by means of a peel test. Adhesive strength is the interfacial strength between adhesive and substrate, and usually the most important consideration when designing a strong adhesive bonded assembly. But in this particular experiment they were able to measure (by adding some calorimetry data) the "true" value of W which was 323J/m 2 from the PI peel and 5J/m 2 from the Al peel. Peel is a measure of the force needed to break the bond between an adhesive tape and the surface it’s been applied to. This is what tells us the strength of the bond. By measuring the tension characteristics between the adhesive and the adherend surface, it is extremely useful in assessing the effects of processes (e.g. Quality peel bond strength tester supplier on sales from peel bond strength tester manufacturer – find China peel bond strength tester factory, suppliers from Perfect International Instruments Co., Ltd During a peel test the materials are pulled apart at a constant speed.

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