Also called a French joint or French groove, groove, gully, channel, and outer joint. Some may not always appear, but when they do, they are in the same … Books are generally divided into three parts: The frontmatter, the body of the book, and the backmatter. The title page(s) of an item, the verso of the title page(s), any pages preceding the title page(s), and the cover. Three Major Segments of a Book Most books are divided into three general parts: the Front matter, the Body of the book, and; the Back matter.

Each part includes certain elements and usually they appear in a specific order.

Copy this to my account; E-mail to a friend; Find other activities; Start over; Help; Terms for the different parts of a book and their definitions. Preliminaries. Each contains specific elements, and those elements should appear in a specific order. Certainly authors who know and understand these divisions may well have aesthetic or organizational motives to stray from these conventions, but usually they have a good reason to do so. Deviation for … Use the infographic above to familiarize yourself with the parts of a book. You will create the front and ending matter for this book (not the body matter). An understanding of the following parts of a book will help you properly construct your manuscript. Joint – The Joint of a book is the small groove which runs vertically down the book itself between the book boards (book cover) and the spine. Tools. Parts of a Book. Added title page. But most book content is arranged in a traditional, prescribed manner. The elements of this content share a common structure, and each element appears in a similar location in every book. In this activity, you will be creating your own book by adapting a movie into a book format.

A title page preceding or following the title page chosen as the basis for the description of the item.

Cover [p. 1] = front cover [p. 2] = inside front cover [p. 3] = inside back cover [p. 4] = back cover. Nowadays, a book may be published traditionally or self-published or not even published in print at all. Parts of a Book. Parts of a Book. Some of the more complex parts we've explained below. The most common are outlined below. It bends when the book is opened and is only seen on hardcover books.

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