Here Elaine Showalter discusses Ophelia's madness as a particularly female malady, showing how from Shakespeare's day to our own Ophelia has been used both to reflect and to challenge evolving ideas about female psychology and sexuality.

Ophelia's Madness #1 Analysis of Themes and Imagery Themes Summary of act IV scene V lines 16-94 Imagery Theme of frailty of women Revenge Identification and discussion of key lines Ophelia is the victim of many uninvited events.

Yet now, when Horatio and the gentleman announce Ophelia's request for an audience with Gertrude, Gertrude flatly refuses to see the girl. Polonius’ manipulation, Hamlet’s control and Ophelia’s own thoughts and actions demonstrate her descent, and the aftermath. Summary: Act V, scene i.

Part of the difficulty is that Shakespeare wrote his female roles for men, and there were always limitations on them that restricted and defined the characterizations devised. ... thy madness shall be paid by weight Till our scale turn the beam. The character of Ophelia has fascinated directors, actresses, writers and painters since she first appeared on stage. In the churchyard, two gravediggers shovel out a grave for Ophelia.

According to religious doctrine, suicides may not receive Christian burial. When Ophelia entered and was singing and talking to the King and Queen in Act 4, Scene 5, ... Ophelia’s madness in Shakespeare’s Hamlet is real and of great significance; furthermore, when seen with a discerning eye, Ophelia’s actions might not seem as irrational and without meaning and cause.

Ophelia. Hamlet's madness is a strategy intended to produce specific results, and Ophelia's madness is a result of other people's strategies. They argue whether Ophelia should be buried in the churchyard, since her death looks like a suicide. is't possible a young maid's wits Should be as mortal as an old man's life?

How now, Ophelia? Earlier in the play (Act III, Scene 1), Gertrude told Ophelia "And for your part, Ophelia, I do wish / That your good beauties be the happy cause of ">Hamlet's wildness."

Where is the beauteous Majesty of Denmark? Ophelia is a difficult role to play because her character, like Gertrude's, is murky. In the case of an ingenue like Ophelia, a very young and lovely woman, Shakespeare would have been writing for a boy. 2880; Gertrude. O rose of May! Enter Ophelia distracted.

3035 Dear maid, kind sister, sweet Ophelia!

scene 1 serves as a turning point, as it is when Ophelia begins to realize the manipulation she faces at the hands of both her father and Hamlet, and that she can only truly gain her freedom when she herself descends into madness. These consist of Hamlet abandoning her, along with

O heavens!

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