It conveys the core conflict of the novel. Some will need a little more information, and others can get the point across in three words or less. Written by Emily Harstone. Well…maybe a few more than three words, but you get my drift.

Now, try it yourself. except the aspect that will most make your reader say, “tell me more.” There’s no one approach you have to take. Your one sentence pitch is a very condensed, super-tight yet concise description of your story, specifically the plot of your story. Think of it as a one sentence calling card – you’re unique selling proposal or proposition. In your one-sentence summary, try not to pitch a theme.

You will use your pitch again and again, when you’re sitting at a book signing and when someone asks you what your book is about.

That’s because we are too close to our own work. Now try your own book. Writers are simply abysmal at reducing their books to a sentence.

Pitch what happens. Now try your own book. No one can remember a long pitch.

The Best One Sentence Novel Pitch. If you know what your book is about and you know why someone should want to read your book—what benefits it will provide and why it is unique*—you should be able to write something pithy in 50 words or less that describes your book perfectly. After having read Unbroken, for example, I went on to read Laura Hillenbrand’s first book, Seabiscuit, which I then pitched to several of my friends.

Notice that in each of these examples, we have a main character, a goal, and a source of conflict. The most successful businesses can tell you what they do / sell in just one sentence. 3 Formulas to Help Write a One-Sentence Novel Summary I’d like to post about some of the “book basics” that I’ve found particularly challenging, starting with the one-sentence book summary. The one sentence pitch, also known as a logline, takes time, effort, and a lot of practice.

Not so easy, eh? I can write a 67-word one-sentence pitch I couldn't recite without a pause. You can't have a strong pitch without a strong novel. It’s called an elevator pitch—an explanation that takes less time to say than it would to ride an elevator up a floor. So the Harry Potter elevator pitch worked with a setting (that school for … .

This book explores the meaning of independence, and asks if it’s really possible. Writing a pitch shouldn’t be too difficult after going through the steps I’ve outlined previously. Here it is! Now do another. If you do, shouldn’t you have a simple elevator pitch just like this? A quick piece of advice – learn how to pitch your book in one sentence.

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