Slim comments on Lennie's ability to work hard and mentions that it is obvious Lennie is not too bright. Lennie grabs his hand and crushes it. What happens to Curley's hand after he beats up Lennie? Slim praises Lennie for his incredible work ethic, which leads George to talk about his past with Lennie. He tried to show that just because he wasn't big and tall like Lennie, he was still just as strong when in reality, his size put him at a disadvantage

George tells Lennie to let go, but Lennie only grips harder out of fear. Curley is working with a rather shrewd strategy in picking a fight with Lennie in Of Mice and Men.. In Steinback's Of Mice and Men, Lenny allows Curly to beat him up before fighting back and protecting himself for a couple of reasons. He accidentally crushes it in a machine. When Curley doesn't back off, George tells Lennie to "get 'em." After working hours, as the other men play horseshoes outside, Slim and George return to the bunk house. Curley didn't like Lennie because Lennie had a disability and was very big and strong. He breaks it in a boxing match the next day. Lennie does not immediately fight back, instead crying and calling to George for help. Curley was small and wanted to prove he was tough. Summary and Analysis Chapter 3.

Summary. Chapter Three opens on the next day.

We learn that Slim has allowed Lennie to have one of his puppies. It hurts and gets swollen from hitting Lennie with it. Lennie catches Curley's next punch in his massive paw and crushes down on his hand. Curley flops like a fish. Alone in the bunkhouse, George thanks Slim for giving Lennie a pup.

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