Midwives continue to deliver maternity care during the antenatal period. Substantial progress was achieved in objectives for this Focus Area during the past decade [1].

Definition According to WHO Maternal and child health services can be defined as “promoting, preventing, therapeutic or rehabilitation facility or care for the mother and child… A significant number of pregnancies in the United States are unplanned impacting maternal and infant health and family economic prosperity. Maternal, Child and Community Health Services, New Jersey Department of Health .

Maintain maternal mortality rate (2011 baseline) Maintain pregnancy-related deaths Maternal and child health care Ms.Sabeena Sasidharan Asst.lecturer Lourde college of nursing 2. Rarely does a single database include data on the full range of phenomena of interest for specific research studies. and under 5, at least, for 1/3 (it should not exceed 10% by 2015), including 30% reduction in diseases of respiratory ways , and 50 % with diarrhea The family nurse also takes on the named person role, as agreed by their organisation. MCH-13: Increase the percentage of infants receiving diagnostic follow-up after a positive screen for hearing loss by 3 months of age . Objectives of Maternal and children health care (by 2015 within defined terms) Reduce the level of mortality in children (0-1.) Maternal and child health care 1. Recent Advocacy on Maternal and Child Health: Health organization letters to the House and Senate authors of H.R. Data shows that maternal and child health in the United States is much worse than it should be for a wealthy country with advanced health care services. Maternal and Child Health Program Specifically, the flagship MCH Program supports innovative approaches to strengthen the capacity of Pakistan's public and private sectors to deliver high-impact health interventions to reduce maternal, newborn, and child mortality and morbidity. Maternal Child Health (MCH) professionals work at the interface of public health, clinical care, entitlement and eligibility programs in health and social services, and education. Once the child is born, the family nurse continues to visit the family until r the child reaches the age of twoat which point they become supported by the local health visiting service. By 2020, the Commission aims to improve maternal and child health in at least three categories: Adolescent pregnancy, Neural tube defects and Maternal mortality. The goals of Adolescent pregnancy are: Provide emergency obstetric care services 24 hours, 365 days. 1551/S.1960, the Quality Care for Moms and Babies Act, in support of their introduction of this important legislation to address the nation's maternal mortality crisis and … However, health disparities of 100% or more among racial and ethnic population Two-thirds (66.7%) of the Maternal, Infant, and Child Health objectives with data to measure progress moved toward or achieved their Healthy People 2010 targets (Figure 16-1). Target: percent

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