Director of medical services has been quoted as saying that "the female nurse did little towards the actual saving of life in the war although a nurse might have prompted a more rapid and complete recovery." Senior officers were more inclined to have trained male soldiers to female nurses. With the rapid influx of patients from Gallipoli in April 1915, the facilities were soon overcrowded, and equipment and supplies inadequate.

When war broke out in 1914, Nurses were needed to staff the medical units. The nurses were posted either to the 1st Australian General Hospital (1AGH), established in the grand Heliopolis Palace Hotel in Cairo, or to 2AGH in Mena House, a former royal hunting lodge. trenches, and now that the trenches have crumpled one is constantly seeing the bones of men’s legs or their boots, or skulls sticking out from the sides of the trenches, pleasant, eh? Lenah Higbee was one of the first nurses to join the U.S. Navy Nurse Corps when it was established in 1908.

The smell was awful, it would make you wanna puke in an instant. WW1 Trenches In popular imagination, World War One is most often associated with trench warfare: a form of bloody, defensive war where troops dug defensive trenches that lay parallel to one another. Many soldiers suffered from the effects … Bathing and washing would have solved the problem but this was not possible in the trenches.

But Boylston differed in some respects from most U.S. military nurses.

This move required sacrifice and perseverance, as many members of the Navy considered female nurses unwelcome pariahs, indeed, they were not even given rank. Nurses in World War 1. While trench warfare was the predominant form of war used on the Western Front, it was not as prominent in the Eastern Front. Gas could affect someone seeing and breathing in just a few minutes so protective masks were given to all soldiers. How Nurses in World War I Helped Change Ideas About What Women Could Accomplish September 1915: A group of nurses at Hamworth Hall in the U.K., which was … The smell was awful, it would make you wanna puke in an instant. Many of these are found within this collection, and includes plenty of famous heroines, such as Edith Cavell (a distinguished nurse before WW1) whose execution for helping to smuggle British soldiers out of occupied Belgium was seen as one of the worst atrocities of the First World War . The trenches are horrible to live in for a day imagine it for 4 years. When gas was first used, doctors and nurses did not know how to treat even simple symptoms.

For nurses, close friendships became indispensable, while romances served as welcome distractions or led to engagements. Some fumes stayed on clothes causing blisters and sores. Despite this over 10,000 nurses served in each war.

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