He had finished his 3 to 11 p.m. shift and was leaving to assemble presents for his kids, when Daniels’ manager said they were short-handed and asked if he could work a double. Nurse writers are nurses, primarily registered nurses (RNs), who write for general audiences in the creative genres of poetry, fiction, and drama, as well as in creative non-fiction.

Enchanted Mountains, PA About Blog LorrySchoenly is a nurse educator and nurse writer that actively blogs/podcasts about issues in Correctional Nursing. Lorry cites that the population of incarnated individuals are some of the most medically needy and that this population is continually growing. Seeking Solutions for Patient Safety in the Cannabis Space. Through her blog, she aims to empower nurses to thrive in their careers. Search the Blog. ABOUT. Our mission is to empower, unite, and advance every nurse.

“When nurses come into education programs that are beyond initial nurses' training and licensure, their writing needs to target the particular audience and purpose that they're writing for, one that goes beyond the chart,” Mahlan said.

She offers many products and books for nurses who may need career advice. One day, Hay came across an article by a nurse freelance writer. I'm the right nurse for you! Damion Jenkins, RN, MSN and CEO of The Nurse Speak delivers highly individualized, one-to-one NCLEX© tutoring services that helps his clients gain strategies for success! A Nurse Writer, Author or Historian writes and contributes to educational materials, articles, historical books, even television or movie scripts about nursing.

AFFILIATES. If you are looking for someone who has knowledge of the subject matter, I am the writer you want. The nurse writer shared one of the saddest stories of his career happened one Christmas Eve. Visit her ReNursing blog at www.renursing.com for more ideas on how to ... she is certified as a Holistic Stress Management Instructor (HSMI). He had finished his 3 to 11 p.m. shift and was leaving to assemble presents for his kids, when Daniels’ manager said they were short-handed and asked if he could work a double.

Nurse Code is the blog of Beth Hawkes (MSN, RN-BC), a staff development professional specialist who works with nurses in acute care and is also a writer, speaker, and career advice columnist. Interested in writing for us? Looking for a freelance health or medical writer?

I have been a registered nurse for 16 years and also hold an additional degree in Biology. The nurse writer shared one of the saddest stories of his career happened one Christmas Eve. Jerome Stone, a registered nurse, writes on topics such as compassion fatigue, nurse burnout, pain management, stress … allnurses.com has become the destination for Career, Education, Support, and News for Nurses and Students. As nurses advance in their career, the types of writing they do become more varied and the need for solid writing skills remains central. Click on a course title below! Our members, writers, and staff represent more than 60 nursing specialties. 30 Nursing Blogs You Need to Read.

By Anna Heinrich on 07/24/2017 ... Minding the Bedside is a meditation-focused blog for nurses. But then, Hay adds, she realized, “I could combine the expertise I had gained over the years with an ability to educate my peers.”

Until then, she had never realized her 2 passions, nursing and writing, could coexist.

Hey Lovely, Welcome to my blog! If you are searching for someone you can trust to provide high quality work, I am the writer you need.

She defines herself as a nurse, writer, researcher, human rights activist, and friend to those most vulnerable among us.

Search this website. As a nurse entrepreneur, expert blogger, and speaker she has two blogs on her website with one being career focused while the other blog is motivation driven. If you’re looking for accurate content from a registered nurse and writer to help you master your reproductive and sexual health this is a blog is for you.. You’ll learn all about vaginas (anatomy and hygiene), periods and sex. FOLLOW TNS ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Need Nursing Continuing Education Credits? One of her latest blog posts titled I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up is a post that many experienced nurses can identify with. “Once I went into nursing, I had given up on writing,” she says.

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