Use this essay as an opportunity to think about what you want to accomplish, how being at NU will help you do so. Share #2. ^I would not say it is unnecessary as much as it is irrelevant. Northwestern State does not publish a minimum grade requirement for transfer. Show passion about a subject, any subject. March 26. I am going to be an Economics … Continue reading "Northwestern University- Transfer Student" CHVRCHES 80 replies 0 threads Junior Member.

The essay prompt is asking you why you want to study at Northwestern basically. Just stating an interest in Economics is quite futile in that case.

On the Common App for Northwestern transfer, there's the Personal Statement with the prompt for incoming freshmen and the "Why Northwestern" prompt. Don’t be afraid to be ironic, funny, or controversial. Unless, you can link your interest with Weinberg's College of Arts and Sciences and how the college will help supplement your interest in that academic discipline. In what ways do you hope to take advantage of the qualities you have identified? Order Description Prompt: Northwestern Statement: What are the unique qualities of Northwestern – and of the specific undergraduate school to which you are applying – that make you want to attend the University? Credits (Min/Max): Students must have earned at least 12 hours of College Level Courses (non-developmental). I have an essay I wrote to address the Common App's general transfer prompt to submit to schools that require such an essay, but Northwestern only has the freshman prompt. The admissions folks read thousands of essays, make your essay interesting and it will stand out.

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