Some of the worksheets for this concept are Nonfiction text features, Lesson skill nonfiction text features, Text features practice assessment, Nonfiction text features, Lesson skill text features of nonfiction text, Comprehension, Text structurefeatures activities for non fiction, Proper labeling of charts and graphs. The text feature links above provide free ideas, activities, and printables you can use when teaching text features to your elementary students. Displaying top 8 worksheets found for - Labeling Nonfiction Text Features. Choose different nonfiction books to look at. Other resources to use with this Locating Nonfiction Text Features Examples Worksheet This worksheet will teach them about the most common text features. Tigers | Nonfiction Reading Test – Students read a short text about tigers and answer test questions. Jan 12, 2017 - These pages will help your students to practice using a nonfiction table of contents. Being aware of text features is an important step for your students. Check out our worksheets, centers, games, displays, and songs. Labeling Nonfiction Text Features. Your students will find out that features like images, charts, and diagrams add information that the text alone doesn’t provide. Find examples of the following text features and write them in the Example column. Text Structure Worksheet 10 – Get ready for some explosive fun with text structure! ... Here’s another single-sided text structure worksheet with six nonfiction passages. Text Features help your students use informational books to gather information. Using Nonfiction Text Features Worksheet, students use the table of contents and index to locate information in a book. This worksheet features eleven nonfiction passages about fireworks. Your students will demonstrate their understanding of nonfiction text features, such as caption, diagram, and heading, with this helpful vocabulary worksheet. Reading & Writing.

The activities included will work best for 3rd grade and 4th grade, although many of the activities could be adapted to reach younger or older students. This practice will help them to be able to independently use the table of contents in books!If you like this product, please consider buying my practice pages or nonfiction reading and glossary practice. This worksheet will teach them about the Table of Contents and Index 2nd grade. Text Structure Worksheets. Students will answer questions based on a short table of contents on the top of the page. Labeling Text Features - Displaying top 8 worksheets found for this concept. Table of contents, glossary, caption, headings—The Mailbox® has the reading resources you need to help kids understand the text features found in informational and nonfiction text. These questions target the following reading skills: inferring, sequencing, determining main ideas, identifying text structures, inferring the meaning of vocabulary words based on context, and distinguishing fact from opinion.

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