Answer. B is the answer I believe. Get an answer to your question "Which of the following is NOT a purpose of a national convention ..." in History if there is no answer or all answers are wrong, use a search bar … 0. While these rules and formulas can change from state-to-state and from year-to-year, there remain two methods by which the states choose their delegates to the national conventions: the caucus and the primary. Not Sure About the Answer? Constitutional Convention of 1787: Purpose, Summary, and Significance. One state had no idea what the other state was doing so this was used as a information outlet to share ideas and suggestions for party leaders.

Answers (1) Evi 17 March 2019 21:24. The third purpose that modern conventions serve is as a massive morale boost for the party. Delegates to the national conventions are selected at the state level, according to rules and formulas determined by each political party's state committee. Comment; Complaint; Link; Know the Answer? It brings together the various people and organizations that a party depends on to put together an effective national campaign for a really big party that celebrates what is great about being a member of that party. You need those people and organizations to go home and work for the election of your candidate, and …
a convention held every four years by each of the major political parties to nominate a presidential candidate.

Which of the following is NOT a purpose of a national convention +5. It was precisely for this reason that the Constitutional Convention of 1787 was called. As the principal purpose of Convention, apart from the election of the National Spiritual Assembly, is the consultation of the delegates with the National Spiritual Assembly, as much time as possible should be made available for the delegates to consult. Within a decade of adopting the Articles of Confederation, it had become clear that the document needed modification.
With communication not being what it is today the national party conventions were used to vote for the party’s nomination for President and to gather information.

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